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Erwin is a lovable dorky character along the lines of Norman Gunston and Mr Bean.

He wins an audience with his nerdy innocence but don’t let his awkwardness fool you – his skills are truly amazing.

At first he seems totally inept and when he mounts the slack-rope he looks certain to fall spectacularly, but he ends up riding a unicycle on it...while juggling - all with the rope held by members of the audience!!

He keeps dropping the juggling clubs, too, but then we realise he is incorporating the picking-up with amazing skill. He balances a wine glass on top of three chopsticks on his nose and skips rope on a unicycle...and many other things.

Erwin is an absolute delight for all ages. A family friendly show packed with amazing skills, heart warming comedy and audience participation. Shows are usually 25-30 minutes duration and Erwin is also available for roving performances.

Erwin is performed by Mark Myers who is a trained actor and performer who has been in the entertainment industry since 1988. He has performed at numerous agricultural shows and corporate events, appeared in several TV commercials and even been a support act for Billy Connolly.



Erwin can be hired for..:
Festivals / Parades
Corporate Events
School Shows
Agricultural Shows
Product Promotions
Fundraising Events
Outdoor Entertainment
Shopping Centre Entertainment
Films and Documentaries