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What others have said about Erwin...

"Three stars for the price of one...he does the seemingly impossible.",   The Mail

"Erwin's accident-prone performance is one of the highlights of an exciting new show.",  Herald Sun

"Erwin emerges as the star of the show.  When he mounts the slack-rope he looks certain to fall spectacularly, but he ends up riding a unicycle on it.  He keeps dropping the juggling clubs, too, but then we realise he is incorporating the picking-up with amazing skill.", The Age

"Erwin was a winner with all age groups.",  In Press

"...fantastic performances...Your commitment and energy over the 3 weeks contributed enormously to the success of our school holiday program.",  Museum of Victoria

"Just like to thank you for the show you put on and the effort that you made to make the kids like it. We've seen a lot of shows and most children never seem to like it but you're one of the very few people that managed to win the popularity of most children here at Merlynston PS. I'd like to wish you luck, keep it up. Thank you again." - Merlynston Primary School

"F....ing Great!", Billy Connolly